RCGA Rules
Governs All Play

Local Rules

1.  Power Carts-  Operators must be 18 years of age.
        -Two People Per Cart.  No Riding on bumpers
        -Must Respect all Roped areas
       -Any Misuse of power carts will result in loss of cart privileges.
2.  All power carts and pull carts must stay 30 feet from all greens
     and off tee box areas. Please use cart paths where possible.
3.  Slower players please wave faster players through.
4.  Repair all ball marks and replace divots
5.  Use extreme caution around ponds. No wading.
      -Retrieve the ball you lost- only. 
      -Ball recovered from water hazard - -  Dropped behind-stoke penalty
6.  Free drop from service roads, sprinkler heads, ropes and stakes. 
7.  Search time for lost balls is 5 min.  Stroke penalty and distance.
8.  Out of bounds- outside fence lines
        -areas marked by white stakes
        -#1 fairway from #9 tee.
        -Play from out of bounds is prohibited.
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9.  Alcohol purchased from Willow Greens only allowed on course.  ALCB 
     regulations in effect.
10. All players assume risk of injuries, damages and loss of property and 
      are liable for their own acts to other persons.